The Bay School welcomes all families to explore enrollment at our school. We invite you to learn more about our curriculum, educational philosophy, and approach to building community. We encourage you to see for yourself why our children love coming to school every day, and how they progress through the grades with confidence and curiosity.

Enrolling in an independent school is an important financial decision. We firmly believe that by investing in your child’s education at The Bay School, you are providing them with the skills and experiences they need to cultivate a life-long love of learning and engaging with the world.

Intrigued by our school but wondering how you could ever make it work? Please contact us. We offer flexible payment plans based on your family’s financial resources. Whether you’re experiencing a temporary setback or your family budget is tight year after year, we are committed to working with you and doing everything in our power to help.

Tuition Plans | Academic Year 2023/2024

For information about our programs and our sliding scale tuition, click here
GradesTuitionSupplies FeesTotalLess DepositBalancePayment per Month
(9 payments)
 TuitionSupplies FeeTotalLess DepositBalancePayment per Month
(9 payments)
5 Mornings$7,634$325$7,959($300)$7,659$851
 TuitionSupplies FeeTotalLess DepositBalancePayment per Month
(9 payments)
5 Mornings$7,634$325$7,959($300)$7,659$851
4 Mornings$7,079$275$7,354($300)$7,054$784
3 Mornings$6,000$250$6,250($300)$5,950$661
 TotalPayment per Month
(9 payments)
5 Afternoons$3,516$391
4 Afternoons$2,812$312
3 Afternoons$2,110$234

Sibling Discount
A sibling discount is available to all families enrolling more than one child. The second (and third, etc.) child’s tuition is discounted by 10% (before supplies fee). 

Towns with School Choice
Every year, over 10% of our students come from towns that offer school choice. Families who live in these towns and send their child to The Bay School are eligible to receive tuition subsidies up to the annual state tuition rate ($10,878 per student in 2022-2023). Please contact your town or school administrative unit if you are unsure of whether your town offers elementary school choice.

Tuition Payments & Deposits
The Bay School collects tuition payments through an online system called TADS. Tuition may be paid in one installment (July), two installments (July and November), or nine installments (July through April, except February).  Payments can be made online (via bank account or credit card) or by check.

Financial Aid
It is our priority to make a Bay School education affordable for our families. Families seeking financial assistance are welcome to apply for aid through TADS. Awards are granted based on family eligibility (within the limitations of the school’s budget), and are calculated anew each year. We encourage you to consider filling out an application regardless of whether you expect to apply for one year only or for every year your child is enrolled. We generally award up to 28% of a family’s calculated need, however we also accept appeals for families in need of additional resources. Please reach out with any questions. Click here to apply.