The Head of School, Marcia Diamond, serves as the admissions officer and will guide you every step of the way through the process.   Admissions applications are completed and submitted on-line through our TADS system. The Bay School admissions process is comprised of the following 3 steps:


1) Inquire

Our admission begins with filling out some basic family details that allows us to gather a little information about your interest in the school. This is an important first step. Complete the Inquiry form here.

2) Meet with The Head of School

Once the inquiry form is received, the Head of School will contact you to set up an appointment. This first conversation will include a discussion of the school’s philosophy, structure, and curriculum and a brief tour of the campus. This is our first opportunity to form a picture of your child and family as well as answer any specific questions you may have. This is an interview for parents or guardians only. The school will do all it can to provide an interview day and time when you are able to leave your child in someone else’s care.

3) Complete an Application

Clicking on the button below, you’ll be guided through the process. Families not currently enrolled must submit a $25 fee per application. For students applying to grades 1 through 8, you’ll be prompted to complete a School Records Release Form and submit it through TADS. Once signed and submitted, this will be sent to your child’s current school. If you would rather wait until after your child’s visit, please let us know. We do require records before we can consider your child’s application. Included in the on-line application is an authorization that will enable us to contact your child’s current and former teachers. We do not administer standardized tests for admissions.

4) Schedule a Child Visit

Once you have submitted an application, the Head of School will call you to schedule a day for your child to visit the school.

Early Childhood and first grade applicants and their parents will meet with teachers after school hours in a classroom. Those applying to grade 2 through 8 will visit for at least one full school day, and are encouraged to participate in all the academic, specialty and outdoor activities. In certain cases, we may ask that a student visit for two full school days.

The visit is as much for your child to form an impression of the school as it is for us to get to know your child.  We have found that a low-key approach is best when preparing your child for the visit. You’ll find that teachers and current students offer a welcoming and fun day for our visitors.