The Afternoon Kindergarten Program is a nurturing home-away-from-home for children who are enrolled in the Preschool, PreK, or Kindergarten and runs until 2:45 pm.

In the afternoon the children will have a chance to “breathe out.” The children play outdoors to begin, they go for a walk or maybe build fairy houses, after which they return indoors for lunch brought from home, followed by dish washing. The teacher then creates a quiet, peaceful atmosphere to ease the children into rest time. Beds are prepared with soft sheepskins, blankets and pillows. While the children rest, the teacher may read a simple nature story, sing quiet lullabies or play the lyre. This gives  the children plenty of time to rest or sleep if needed. After being gently awakened, the children prepare to depart by folding blankets, tucking stuffed animals into cubbies, and gathering their belongings.

Parents who have children enrolled in our morning program may also enroll their child for up to 5 afternoons a week, Monday through Friday, committing to the same days for each week so that the children have a set, predictable rhythm. The first three weeks serve as a trial period in order to ensure that each child is ready for the afternoon program.