Early Childhood Applicants

Our early childhood program is for children ages three to six years. Children eligible for early childhood must be at least three years old by June 30th prior to school entrance.

All early childhood students are placed in a multi-age classroom for three, four or five days.

Children considered Kindergarten age must be at least five years old by June 30th prior to school entrance and will be enrolled in a five-day school week.

First Grade Applicants

First grade applicants must be six years old by June 30th prior to school entrance.  Upon request, the faculty will assess readiness for a child with a summer birthday applying to the first grade.

Transfer and Home-Schooled Applicants

In the case of a student transferring from another school into the elementary grades, class placement depends on grades already completed and a child’s academic progress and social development.

Home-schooled students may be asked to provide information about home-based curriculum and examples of their work.