Join the Bay School’s Parent/Child Program! Moon Garden is for parents with infants, Star Garden is for parents with younger toddlers, and Morning Garden is for parents with older toddlers up to 3 years old. Each group nurtures and supports the healthy development of our youngest children and those who care for them. The Bay School welcomes families to come together in a welcoming, inclusive community to share in the joys and challenges of parenting. Families will learn alongside one another, honoring each family’s unique journey in creating a home life that supports their child’s healthy growth and development.




Thursdays 1:00-2:30pm 
Session 1: October – February

Session 2: March – June

In Moon Garden, parents and infants come together in a community of support and practice being fully present with their baby, expanding their understanding of their child’s physical development and emerging sense of self. Secure in the loving attachment of their parent, each infant is given space and time to move their body freely, engaging all their senses as they intuitively progress through the developmental movement sequences of the first months of life. Articles on child development and parenting topics are available to inspire conversation and reflection. Expectant parents are welcome. Warm tea will be provided.


Parent/Younger Toddler 
Wednesdays 8:30-10:00am 
Session 1: October – February

Session 2: March – June

In Star Garden, younger toddlers are given the opportunity to develop and strengthen their balance, fine/gross motor skills, and confidence as they explore. The world opens up for little ones in a new way as they learn to creep, sit, crawl, and walk. Toddlers begin to encounter each other as they engage and explore socially. During our time together, there are opportunities for parents to quietly observe their children while they play. Families learn simple songs, rhymes, and lap games. These activities foster a healthy attachment between parent and child and support the child’s emerging language. Articles on child development and parenting topics are available to inspire conversation and reflection. A simple wholesome snack and warm tea will be provided.



Parent/Child (Older Toddler up to 3 years)
Tuesdays 9:00-11:00am
(or) Thursdays 9:00-11:00am
(or) Fridays 9:00-11:00am 
Session 1: October – February 
Session 2: March – June

In Morning Garden, older toddlers up to three years old are provided a gently structured home-like space where they explore freely, reassured by the presence of a parent. Families come together in the warmth of a supportive environment, learning the value of family rhythms and how to guide their children as they begin to navigate new social situations. Children engage in self-initiated free play, held within the security of a predictable morning rhythm, including bread making, song, movement, and story time. Articles on child development and parenting topics are available to inspire conversation and reflection. A simple wholesome snack and warm tea will be provided.

*The final program placement for each child will be made after a visit with Miss Margot at The Bay School. 


Tuition Reform at The Bay School

For more than four decades, The Bay School has been a leader in education. The school has inspired in faculty, families, and children a passion for community, fairness, and inclusion. In keeping with these values, we have been examining modification of our tuition structure. The school has explored a variety of approaches with the goal of creating a progressive tuition model that allows families from diverse economic backgrounds to consider The Bay School and that supports fair compensation for our faculty and staff.

The process of reforming the tuition structure is beginning this year with a sliding-scale tuition model for the parent-child early childhood programing. This new tuition structure asks parents to pay according to their capacity. At the core of the tuition reform work is trust in our school community. We are, after all, a group of people coming together to support a progressive education model.

We invite you to join the school community in our belief that:
* All members of the school community are equally responsible for ensuring the success of the school.
*Our school community is strongest when all members contribute time and resources generously and in accordance with our abilities.
*The school community and its members all benefit from the diversity a sliding-scale tuition model supports.
*The ability to create change in the world depends on the ability to create change in our local community.

This shift to a sliding-scale tuition model for parent-child programing is the first step in what we hope will be a school-wide shift. Click on the tuition rates below to view our suggested tuition range. Families are asked to consider their own resources and what they can offer the program. The school is not asking families to justify, with income or expense records, the tuition rate they pay. Many schools require such documentation, but we are trusting that families will contribute, as they are able, to the success of the program, the compensation of the faculty, and the maintenance of the learning space.

This year we welcome you not only to our parent-child program, but also to a community of families and educators exploring ways to create a more just, more inclusive, and more generous world by implementing change in our own school community.

Session 1
Session 2
Sessions 1&2


*Please do not send a check until you receive an invoice from The Bay School. Placement must be confirmed before payment is made.

*Younger siblings of Morning Garden families welcome for an additional charge (Sliding scale: $250-$500). Babes in arms welcome free of charge.

Click on the button below to fill out an application. You may fill out this form digitally and send back to us at, print and drop off at the school, or send by mail to:
Parent/Child Programs
The Bay School
P.O. Box 950
Blue Hill, ME 04614


Once your application is complete, program director Margot Entwisle will contact you about your child’s placement or position on the waiting list. Payment will be processed only after your placement is confirmed. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email Margot Entwisle, Program Director at