A Parent/Child Class
Ages: 18 months to 3 years old and their parent or caregiver

The best environment for encouraging imagination is a calm room humming with purposeful activity. In a warm, homelike classroom, teachers, toddlers and their parents happily engage in a variety of activities that comprise the Bay School’s Morning Garden.

Parents work at their tasks with focus, care and attention, and model that behavior for their children. They are creating a protective and nurturing place in which children may help with chores or explore the room on their own. As they play and help in all the tasks of the day, the children learn, through modeling,  how to share and take turns. The whole group comes together to share in snack preparation, a circle of seasonal songs, movement, and storytelling.

The rhythm of the morning helps the children feel secure in what to expect week after week. Similarly, songs and stories are repeated over the course of the program, and as the children begin to learn the songs by heart and sing along, they gain confidence.  

Morning Garden is an excellent introduction to the Bay School and Waldorf Education.