The Bay School

Blue Hill, ME

Who We Are

The Bay School is an independent, non-profit corporation under the governance of a self-perpetuating Board of Trustees. The School Director oversees all aspects of day-to-day operations at the school, and serves as the school’s admissions officer. The Faculty carries the full responsibility for the pedagogical program and works in partnership with the Administration to consider all aspects of school life. The Faculty Chair serves as point person for the faculty with the board and school community.

Classroom Teachers

  • Faculty Chair Scott Springer, Upper Grades Class Teacher
  • Ian Chittenden, Upper Grades Class Teacher
  • Kristy Cunnane, Lower Grades Class Teacher
  • Isabel Karl, 1st Grade Class Teacher
  • Neal Kennerk, Lower Grades Class Teacher

Early Childhood Program

  • Quatie Bryan, Morning Garden
  • Merrie Eley, Kindercare
  • Margot Entwisle, Lead Assistant Teacher
  • Kasha Haggarty, Lead Teacher
  • Kip Perkinson, Morning Garden Assistant
  • Moira McMahon, Afternoon Kindercare


Linden TreeSpecialty Teachers

  • Elizabeth Wastler Bruno, Mathematics & Librarian
  • Quatie Bryan, Mathematics
  • Kathie Burnett, Handworks
  • Ruth Fiske, Handworks
  • Bob Slayton, Practical Arts
  • Melissa Greene, Practical Arts
  • Moira McMahon, Theater Arts
  • Bob Slayton, Movement and Games
  • Brett Ciccotelli, Agricultural Arts
  • Eric Ziner, Practical Arts



  • Khalif Williams, School Director
  • Trudy Bell, Business Manager
  • Fred Cole, Development Director
  • Katharine Fodnaess, School Nurse
  • Bill Gray, Facilities Manager
  • Betsy Lieser, Secretary
  • Paul Staples, Maintenance

The 2014-15 Board of Trustees

  • Justin Bennett, Chair
  • Nicolas Lindholm, Vice-Chair
  • Terry Moulton, Treasurer
  • Lee McWilliams, Secretary
  • John Burns
  • Mary Pat Champeau
  • Nancy Crowe
  • Jan Emlen, Honorary Trustee
  • Brinley Hall
  • Lane Lucas
  • Pam Morgenthaler-Nanson
  • Isaac Robbins
  • Zoë Tenney, Parent Association Representative
  • Scott Springer, Faculty Chair
  • Khalif Williams, Director


Bay School
P.O. Box 950 • 17 Bay School Drive
Blue Hill, Maine 04614
207.374.2187 •